"Ittu Si Khushi" - a virtual summer camp

"Ittu Si Khushi" - a virtual summer camp (July 2 - July 30). The dream and vision is to give children a platform to hone their natural talents and abilities to a level where they can use these skills as a source of income. They would be happier, already driven to do more since they'll love their jobs and be an inspiration to others of their background!

  • We are offering children a chance to learn 5 activities - Mandala art, Bollywood Dance, semi-classical dance, self defense (Krav Maga) and Vocal music through trained mentors.
  • All activities have a focus on mental wellbeing and happiness. Dance, Mandala Art and Vocal Music are therapeutic. Self-defense module addresses domestic violence and sexual abuse alongwith physical fitness.
  • The summer camp is divided into 2 batches - (8-13 years) and (13-18) years. Both are running in parallel.
  • This summer camp is open for all and FREE for children of NGOs.
  • We have 250 participants attending from across 10 NGOs, spanning Delhi NCR, Gujarat, Orissa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
  • The prizes would include one-on-one mentoring from the mentors of their chosen activity and mobile recharge of 1 month since most of the children are facing data usage issues.