About Us

ParkshalaTM is a Noida-based NGO dedicated to transforming lives of children who hail from the lower strata of the society. We work as an after-school support group to bridge the educational & moral gap between these children and their affluent peers. Further, we are trying to utilize already available resources for this purpose. So our lessons take place in community parks and halls.

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PARKSHALATM Registration Number for Section 12A - AADTP4430AE20217.

Registration Number for Section 80G - AADTP4430AF20215

Our Focus for 2021-2022:

  • Start 3 more centres for ParkshalaTM
  • To connect our students with educated affluent adults who want to give back to the society
  • Empower these students with English proficiency
  • Provide counseling & mentorship as early as grades X & XI so these children can start on the path of becoming first-generation graduates
  • To inculcate moral values so these children can grow up to be responsible adults
  • Set-up funds for career-oriented, promising students who want to pursue fields (Eg. Medicine, IIT) that require external coaching


Call/Whatsapp/Text at +91 - 9069333751 to know more!