• Who are we?
    An NGO committed towards education of the underprivileged.
  • Sponsor!
    Because we want to give every meritorious child a chance.
  • Encourage.
    Support. Spread the word. Because even a positive thought in our direction counts.

Welcome to


ParkshalaTM is a Noida-based NGO dedicated to transforming lives of children who hail from the lower strata of the society. We work as an after-school support group to bridge the educational & moral gap between these children and their affluent peers.
Further, we are trying to utilize already available resources for this purpose. So our lessons take place in community parks and halls.


We do not have a revenue-based model. So we need consistent donations to
increase our reach & grow our work.

Sponsor a child's education:

Average cost to pay for a child's tuition fees for the year is around INR 19000

Sponsor a snack : For 100 children-

Fruit : ~ INR 600
Samosa: ~INR 1500,
Juice/Flavored Milk : ~INR 1900
Puri-Bhaji: ~2000,
You can even visit the park & arrange for something more lavish on a happy occasion.

Sponsor Activities:

We would love to expose the children to activities that'll help them grow holistically, that they might otherwise not get a chance to experience. Eg: Educational excursion to a factory, movies, picnics, camps etc.


Call/Whatsapp/Text at +91 - 9069333751 to know more!